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New endophytic species(Kabatiella bupleuri) emerging from a surface-sterilized leaf of the plant Bupleurum gibraltarium © Gerald Bills
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(Kabatiella bupleuri) © Gerald Bills


3rd international plant-microbe-microscopy training and workshop

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The training is limited to 20 participants. Early bird deadline is August 15th 2019. Fees include training, workshop, course materials, lunches, coffee breaks, and conference dinner, but not flights and accommodations.
For more information and registration, please visit our website: https://www.plant-microbe-microscopy.com/

FA1103`s Dates and DeadlinesNews

Band 3: Application Techniques of Endophytes

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Desiree Jakobs-Schönwandt, Matthias Döring and Anant Patel (eds.), Juli 2015
Proceedings of a meeting held at the FH Bielefeld, Germany, 14-15 July 2014,
organized by the working group
“Fermentation and Formulation of biologicals and chemicals”

Within the scope of the COST Action FA1103:
Endophytes in Biotechnology and Agriculture
WG3 Development of new mircobial inocula

ISSN: 2196-6192

Download the PDF on fh-bielefeld.de


Strong concerns about potential future budget cuts in the context of EFSI

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Dear COST Action Chairs,

In context of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), drawing budget
from Horizon 2020, the COST Association is facing a potential 7% budget cut for
operating the COST Framework. Not only would this impact the future number of
COST Actions to be funded but most likely lower the funds of all ongoing COST

Given COST great leverage and high impact on the European Research and
Innovation capacities, the Committee of Senior Officials has therefore made a
statement pleading for a conservation of COST budget. This statement, published
yesterday, has been shared with the European Commission (COST_Association_statement).
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New Cost Action FA1405

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Using three-way interactions between plants, microbes and arthropods to enhance crop protection and production.

COST Action FA1405
It will start working this year.

1. You can read a summary on the first page of the link and find more details under “Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)”.
2. You may check under “parties” if your country already signed the MoU – if not, you may get in contact with your COST National Coordinator (you’ll find them here) to support the process by showing your interest.
3. In case your country is participating, you may contact the proposer Arjen Biere to get one of the seats in Management Committee, if still possible. If not, contact Arjen as well to be an Action Member and get on the mailing list once the Action has started.


New research topic

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Emerging tools for emerging symbioses – using genomics applications to studying endophytes.

for more information read here


COST Action FA1103: European scientists investigating endophytic microrganisms and fungi

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See the article from Marc Stadler in the IMA FUNGUS:



COST Newsletter

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The latest issue of the COST Newsletter is now online:

Get it here (as well as the older ones)