WG 3 Brussels 2013

Endophytes in Biotechnology and Agriculture

Minutes of the Working Group 3 Meeting

New concepts and strategies for longtern cultivation and conservation of competent endophytes for plant growth and plant protection

from 16.12.2013 to 18.12.2013 in Brussels, Belgium

download: FA1103 WG3 meeting Minutes


Section A: Longterm cultivation
  • Anna Maria Pirtillä (Finland): “Studying Endophytic Fungi as a Source of New Antimicrobials: Loss of Bioactivity in Subculture”
  • Desiree Jakobs-Schönwandt (Germany): “Cultivation and conservation of endophytic fungi for plant protection and –growth with regard to bioengineering aspects”
  • Borbala Biro (Hungary): “Importance of suitable adaptation to certain environmental factors in better tailoring the plant-microbe interactions” – 2013_Biro_Brussels
  • Nabil Hegazi (Egypt): “The consortium of endophytic rhizobacteria: The rich diversity and dense populations nesting the xerophytic plants of semi-arid deserts” – 2013_Hegazi_Brussels
  • Colin Ingham (Netherlands): “A Better Petri Dish: Advancing Microbiology with Miniaturized Culture Chips Fabricated from Porous Aluminium Oxide” – 2013_Ingham_Brussels
 Section B: Preservation/Conservation
  • Brian Murphy (Ireland): “Effective storage protocols for fungal root endophytes” – 2013_Murphy_Brussels
  • Lotfi Fki (Tunisia): “Cryopreservation of endophytic bacteria living inside date palm embryogenic cultures” – 2013_FKI_Brussels
  • David Dowling (Ireland): “The development of alginate beads as a storage and plant inoculant medium for plant associated and endophytic bacteria”
  • Hatice Özaktan (Turkey): “The effectiveness of endophytic bacteria stored in – 80°C for biocontrol and plant growth” – 2013_Ozaktan_Brussels
  • Martin Schumacher (Germany): “Cultivation and Conservation of Competent Endophytes – May In-Vitro Culture Help” – 2013_Schumacher_Brussels