WG 1 Session, Berlin, 2013

Detection of endophytes; problems and pitfalls of existing and upcoming technologies

5th International Symposium on Plant Protection and Plant Health in Europe from 27-29 May 2013 in Berlin, organized by COST Action FA1103

Detection of endophytes is a challenge for all workers in the different fields of endophyte research. Reliable, accurate and robust methods are needed for studying the effectiveness, impact and ecology of endophytes. Endophytes have been studied in past at different scale levels, i.e. from single cells to populations and communities. Most of the endeavours that were spent by workers were on cultivation of endophytes and discrimination of endophytic populations from the plant-surface colonizing ones. Each detection technology has its caveats and for endophyte research it is important to establish standards for detection, especially with respect to novel and upcoming technologies like next generation sequencing and different omics technologies. We therefore call for abstracts focussing on the different aspects of endophyte detection with regard to differences in taxonomy and applied approaches. The focus of the call will be on setting the criteria for reliable and discriminative detection of endophytes in general.

Procidings: Endophytes for plant protection: the state of the art

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 Session 4: Cultivation of Endophytes

 Session 7: Workshop on detection technologies in endophyte research