Short Term Scientific Mission [STSM]

STSM Committee

The Action “Endophytes in Biotechnology and Agriculture” has completed!

Coordinator: Bruno Biavati
Members: Stéphane Compant, Piippa Wali, Elena Krstevska

STSMs are grants aimed at supporting the research plan of the COST Action: Endophytes in Biotechnology and Agriculture and to network young scientists into the European scientific community.

The grant allows scientists to go to an institution or laboratory in another COST member state to:

  1. foster collaboration
  2. learn a new technique or to take measurements using instruments and/or methods not available in their own institution/laboratory.

Competitive grants are awarded providing up to a maximum of EUR 2.500 (average budget EUR 1.000) cover travel and modest living allowance for a 1 week to 3 months period (any exception needs special justification). An amount of EUR 60 to 90 for the daily allowance and EUR 300 for the travel are recommended.

STSMs are available for:

  1. Postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellow
  2. employed in an institution of a COST Country having accepted the MoU of the Action

See on the COST site the Vademecum Part 1, page 32-36
read more about STSM rules, financial support, process, Reciprocal STSM (RSTSM) – rules, financial support, process