Working Group 3

Development of new microbial inocula

The scientific focus will target the development of inoculants (both bacteria and fungi) and inoculation technology. The screening process will span from in vitro tissue culture assays through lab-scale, greenhouse and field trials, as it is the ultimate goal to apply the potential of endophyte inoculants. In addition the impacts of the endophyte inoculants on population dynamics of pathogens, autochthonous MOs and communication in plants will be investigated. Epigenetically inherited positive changes in plants after inoculation will be taken into account and studied, as far this information leads to novel technologies.

Different inoculation methods will be investigated as the development of a suitable procedure for the production of bio-preparations by cultivation and stable formulation is a necessary precondition for the practical application and shelf life of endophytes.

Under laboratory conditions, plant metabolism of xenobiotics and agrochemicals in the presence and absence of endophytes and endophytic signals will be investigated as well the durability of endophytic colonisation, in order to quantify the beneficial effects of inoculation / horizontal gene transfer of desired traits.

Leader Working Group 3



Matthias Doering


Vice-Leader Working Group 3


Jaco Vangronsveld