Working Group 2

Identification of new competent endophytes

The aim of this WG is the isolation and characterization of bacterial and fungal endophytes that are beneficial to host plants following re-inoculation. Consequently, they will be analysed with regard to their antagonistic activities against other microorganisms, their impact on plant performance under various conditions, and their metabolomic profiles. Following tasks will be carried out in order to identify new competent endophytes:

  • Different methods for efficient isolation of EMOs from plant tissues will be compared among the participants of the COST Action. This should result in a high throughput technology for establishing an initial collection of potentially useful bacterial and fungal endophytes. They will be identified according to their structural and molecular characteristics.
  • Standard systems using selected model plants and pathogenic MO will be set up to test the bacterial and fungal isolates of this initial collection for their establishment inside plant tissues and their capacities to combat certain plant pathogens.
  • Proteomic and genomic analysis will clarify the mechanisms responsible for beneficial attributes of colonization.

The consensus will be a catalogue of standardised methods, with a list of endophytes that are competent for practical applications, and which can be used for the development of new inocula (WG3).

Leader Working Group 2



Angela Sessitsch

Vice-Leader Working Group 2


Heinz-Martin Schumacher